Health and Safety During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Our top priority is the safety of your children when they are in our care. We have developed the following procedures using recommendations from the CDC, state, and local guidelines, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. These policies and procedures are subject to change according to current data and recommendations.


  • daily cleaning service
  • all materials and surfaces cleaned/disinfected each day
  • air purifiers in each classroom

Physical Distancing

  • individual boxes of materials such as markers, glue sticks, scissors, etc.
  • individual bags for personal items to be kept at school; no backpacks
  • classes are self-contained – no mixing, including outdoors
  • classrooms have been re-arranged to allow for physical distancing in the classrooms
  • classes eat outside or in each classroom with physical distance
  • individual water bottles to be brought from home each day

Outdoor Time

  • classes will be outdoors as much as possible
  • outdoor equipment sanitized and toys not shared between classes
  • handwashing stations in our outdoor areas

Face Covering

All staff will wear face coverings. Students are not required to wear a mask outdoors. Students in 3s and 4s classes may be asked to wear a mask indoors OR if they become ill during school.

Health Check Requirements

  • Health screening each day
  • temperature check
  • strict “no symptom” policy for staff and students
  • return to school after sickness requires a waiting period or doctor’s note
  • travel restrictions in place (travel into “hot spots” may require wait period before returning

In-School Events

In-school events, such as Back-to-School Night or Parent Conferences, will be facilitated online.

Outside Visitors

Music and Yoga teachers will not visit our school at this time. Science and Art teachers are in-house, so they will continue to provide enrichment. Parents and any other visitors are not allowed at this time.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Drop-off and pick-up are staggered this year to avoid long lines. Each class will have a designated time to arrive and leave. This will limit the time waiting in a physically-distanced line. All those dropping off or picking up are required to wear a mask.

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