Light in a Dark Place

In the strange moment of Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountaintop, Peter, James, and John fell to the ground, afraid. But Jesus did not leave them overwhelmed by their fear, in the face of the glory and mystery of God, and he did not leave them overwhelmed by fear when he went down the mountain and faced the growing conflict and darkness in his time. Jesus will not leave us overwhelmed by fear. In the darkness of our times, as we seek to follow along Jesus’ way, let our eyes be open to see the light of Christ, like a lamp shining in a dark place. And may God’s light shine through us to be a lamp shining for others who are afraid.

Scriptural Reference:
Matthew 17:1-9

Paintings Referenced:
Rubens’ Transfiguration
Rafael’s Transfiguration

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)
Good News
Good News
Light in a Dark Place

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