About FLP

Faith Lutheran Preschool has operated for more than 32 years in Arlington, Virginia.  As one of the oldest and most established Reggio-Emilia-inspired programs in the area, FLP seeks to serve the community by nurturing both the spiritual and educational development of children ages 2-5.  We operate with the belief that play is at the core of learning and our low student-to-teacher ratios support a strong connection and understanding of the strengths, needs, and interests of each student. Our rich learning environment incorporates music, art, science, chapel, and outdoor exploration.  

Our Philosophy

The Reggio-Emilia approach places children at the center of their learning. Children are assumed to be competent, confident, and capable learners from birth. Children follow their own interests within a framework of activities directed by teachers, in a rich environment considered “the third teacher.” Children learn in a variety of “languages,” including dance, art, play, and music. Learning is a collaboration between teachers, children, and families.  

Seven Principles of the Reggio-Emilia Approach

  • Children can construct their own learning.
  • Children are collaborators in relationships with each other, teachers, parents, and their environment.
  • Children are natural communicators and are encouraged to express themselves.
  • The classroom environment provides a sense of belonging.
  • Teachers are partners in children’s learning.
  • Documentation is an essential component of learning.
  • Parents are partners in their child’s learning and are encouraged to play an active role in their child’s education.

Read more about the Reggio-Emilia approach here.

Our Teachers

Our staff of teachers and administrators are accredited and have years of teaching experience.  Our team includes a dedicated Art and STEM teacher and music education is provided for all ages through Soaring Starts.  Teachers are learners and collaborators with their students, facilitating activities and lessons in line with the interests of the class.  

    Our Classrooms

    Each of our classrooms is inspired the the Reggio philosophy of the physical environment being the “third teacher.”  By design our classrooms are set up to encourage our students to communicate and express themselves in diverse ways.  Classrooms incorporate indoor and outdoor elements, are bright and open, creative and multi-sensory.  We also offer a one-of-a-kind experience in our outdoor classroom where students learn from play and nature.  

    Our Program

    FLP offers a half-day program three to five days a week depending on age.  Before- and after-care options are available.  We follow a traditional September to June school year which is closely aligned to the Arlington Public Schools calendar. All classrooms serve mid-morning nut-free snacks.  Students enrolled in our 3s and 4/5s classes bring their lunch. We like to enjoy our lunch in our outdoor spaces, weather permitting.  

    Please contact Carrie Field at 703-525-1375 or preschool@flcva.org with any questions.

    Faith Lutheran Church

    3313 Arlington Blvd
    Arlington, VA 22201

    703.525.9283 (Church)
    703.525.1375 (Preschool)

    Worship Times

    9 am Contemporary Worship

    11 am Blended Traditional Worship with Livestream

    We invite you to join us this Sunday.