Church Council

Faith Lutheran Church is governed by a Council comprising congregational members who are elected into office.
The Council meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month. Congregation members are always welcome to attend Council meetings to address the Council or simply to observe.

2020 Faith Lutheran Church CouncilĀ 


Jason Maddux

Vice President

Paul Wengert


Corey Holmes

Assistant Treasurer

Brad Crofford

Financial Secretary

Jim Talley

Assistant Financial Secretary

Holly Jewell


Annette Hocker

Property Trustees

Brian Stutheit, Chris Carbone

Deacon of Education

Laura Bolger

Deacon of Fellowship

Maril Olson

Deacon of Outreach

Larry Farnsworth

Deacon of Social Ministry

Stephanie Barnes

Deacon of Stewardship

Stephen Edmondson

Deacon of Youth Ministry

Justin Booth

Faith Lutheran Church

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703.525.1375 (Preschool)

Worship Times

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