Mission of the Month

Each month Faith Lutheran Church highlights one of its Social Ministries in worship and in our publications. Members and friends have the opportunity to give to that Ministry, with the Special Mission Offering envelopes in the pew, or on-line through our website.


January 2018 – The Mexico Scholarship Fund

Over the years, Faith has offered scholarships to almost 20 children through their elementary, high school and college education. Many of Faith’s original scholarship recipients have been able to finish high school or college and move into professional lives, an enormous achievement for their families that have grown up in extreme poverty. Recent graduates from the scholarship program included students receiving degrees in nursing and industrial engineering. This year, the scholarship program is supporting seven students in junior high, high school and college.

Faith’s Scholarship Program has made it possible for these students to continue in school beyond the elementary age, when many Mexican youth cannot afford further schooling and thus begin working at very low-paying jobs. The administrator of the program in Mexico, Estela Huerta, volunteers her time to run the program. This means that 100% of our gifts go to the students.

Faith’s 2017 Mission Lineup:

  • January Mexico Scholarship Fund
  • February Arlington Food Assistance Center
  • March ELCA World Hunger
  • April Arlington Foster Care
  • May Good News Jail & Prison Ministry
  • June Arlington Free Clinic
  • July Dr. Mendoza’s Clinic
  • August Bridges to Independence
  • September Village of Hope (Haiti)
  • October Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR)
  • November Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN)
  • December Angel Trees

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