The Conversion of Saul to Paul

Change is the only constant in the world. And yet, it is something so many of us push back against, fight, or refuse to do. So much so, that it might take an act of God to put us on a different path – something the Apostle Paul knows all about. This week we hear the story of how Saul has a change of heart and stops persecuting the Christians to become an apostle who proclaims Jesus to the world while another disciple, Ananias, takes a risk and trusts God to encounter the newly converted Saul so he can regain his sight. Listen as Pastor Kate considers what it might take for us to change our minds, both about what we believe and whether we can trust other people have actually changed.

Accompanying Scripture:
Acts 9: 1-20

Good News
Good News
The Conversion of Saul to Paul

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