Zacchaeus the Wealthy Tax Collector

If we are to consider who might be worthy enough to host Jesus in our homes, some would likely either mimic a couple of the disciples who believed they were worthy and argued as to who should sit at Jesus’ right hand, or simply assume that they were not worthy. If you asked the crowd gathered to see Jesus when he finds Zacchaeus up in a tree trying to see, nobody would have said Zacchaeus. As a wealthy tax collector who profited from unjust tax collection, he was a sinner and had defrauded his own people. Yet, Jesus asks to be invited to his house for dinner. Listen as Pastor Kate explores this text and the ways Jesus has of unraveling our expectations – about who is worthy, who we are, and how we see the world.

Accompanying Scripture:
Luke 19: 1-10

Good News
Good News
Zacchaeus the Wealthy Tax Collector

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