Three in One

This week was Trinity Sunday, a day during the liturgical year where we remember that God meets us in three persons. We hear the story of the prophet Isaiah’s vision of God’s holiness, where the First Person of the Trinity is depicted with great and awesome power, so much so that Isaiah is overcome and even worried. It is difficult to wrap our minds around a god who is both one being and yet has three persons. Yet, perhaps one of the greatest benefits is having a god who we can relate to in multiple ways: as one with unimaginable power, as our friend who walks with us, as a rushing wind that blows and shapes our world every day. Listen as Intern Pastor Miriam explores the Trinity and how we might experience God and share our faith in many ways.

Accompanying Scripture:
Isaiah 6:1-8, John 3:1-17

Good News
Good News
Three in One

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